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Cat Pregnancy Signs

Information and advice on the common signs of a pregnant cat. To learn more about pregnant cats, read the information in this guide.


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

Cat Pregnancy Signs

Any cat owner needs to be able to spot the signs of a pregnant cat at the early stages. To learn more about how to tell if a cat is pregnant, and to find out how long cats are pregnant for, read this guide.

Pregnant Cat Signs: A Guide

  • An obvious sign that a cat is in the early stages of pregnancy is when the heat cycle suddenly comes to an abrupt stop. Although this is not always conclusive evidence of a pregnancy, it’s usually the first clue. If you spot this trend, keep an eye on the cat for the next few weeks for any further unusual developments.
  • Perhaps the first obvious visual clue that a cat is expecting kittens comes when the nipples begin to swell on the cat’s body. If they appear a little coarse and red in colour, this is usually a pointer towards pregnancy.
  • As with humans, the cat will begin to have plenty of cravings – eating, eating and eating some more in order to satisfy its appetite. If the cat seems restless and keeps demanding extra feed, it may well be a sign that kittens are on the way – and that it’s time to head down the supermarket to buy some more pet food.
  • If you feel something looks different about the cat but the above points don’t seem to be occurring, gently feel the cat’s abdomen for any signs of swelling. At first, nothing may seem out of the ordinary, but after a month the signs of pregnancy will become obvious in this area of the body. As you would expect, the cat will suddenly seem a little bit rounder in figure than the norm.
  • The behavioural instincts of a cat will take on a dramatic shift during the pregnancy. As the cat begins to exhibit maternal instincts and craves extra food, it’s likely she’ll become calmer, friendlier and seek unusual amounts of affection as she prepares for the strain of giving birth.
  •  If you have no prior experience of handling pregnant cats, you’re probably wondering the magic question “How long are cats pregnant for?” Well, the length of a cat’s pregnancy can vary, but in most cases the cat will give birth after roughly 60-65 days. However it’s not uncommon for the kittens to arrive a couple of days before or after this mark. If you begin to harbour concerns, always consult with a vet.
  • When the week the kittens are due arrives, keep a very close eye on the cat’s actions. Many cats like to choose a nesting area – a safe sanctuary in which to give birth and protect the new arrivals. Sometimes pregnant cats can disappear to unusual places to give birth – to ensure both mother and offspring are safe, it’s essential the cat does not manage to escape outdoors or hideaway in a nook or cranny to give birth. 


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