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How to Bond with a Cat

Tips and advice on how to bond with a pet cat. To learn more about building a bond with a cat, read this guide.


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Viva Pets

How to Bond with a Cat
Pet Cat

By nature, cats are very independent creatures – unlike dogs, they do not always feel the need to seek companionship. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to build a relationship with a cat – this advice guide should provide you with some ideas on how to gain a place in a cat’s affections.

Cat Bonding Tips

•    Don’t attempt to invade a cat’s private space. In most cases, a cat will be very territorial and independent-minded. Allow the cat room to breathe – it’ll probably be curious about its new surrounds and will want to explore and mark out territory. It’s important to accept at an early stage that a cat will generally not welcome excessive amounts of attention.

•    If you are struggling to build a relationship with your cat, make the process a little easier by offering plenty of treats. Yes, it might be a form of bribery, but a cat will appreciate a little extra milk and a couple of tasty treats – and doing this regularly in the first few weeks should offer the cat faith in your companionship.

•    Take the time to play with your cat when it seems to have your full attention. Use cat toys to improve interaction with your pet – dangling a sock or rolling a ball of string should encourage a cat that your friendship is worth investing in. If you fail to give your cat anything to become curious about, it’s unsurprisingly that it may not exactly actively seek your acquaintance.

•    Play a patient waiting game. It may take a couple of weeks before the cat begins to appreciate its important role in your life. Take the time to build a relationship with a cat by considering some of the points listed above. Exercise discretion if the cat claws you – getting angry may only make the bonding process with your pet cat even harder.

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