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Stopping Cat Urination at Home

Stop Cats Urinating Indoors


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Wednesday, 24 de February 2010
Author: Vivapets

Stopping Cat Urination at Home
Cat urine can be particularly unpleasant, it smells and can ruin your carpets. If you have a cat that is constantly urinating in the house you will want to stop it from happening. Getting angry with your cat will not stop any unwanted accidents so you have to be patient and find other effective methods. If you are trying to stop a cat urinating then this article will give you a few ideas to try out to hopefully stop your cat urine issues.    

Stop Cat Urine Ruining your Home

Speak to your vet about the problems you are having. If you have a male cat then the problem might be simply solved. If your male cat has not been neutered then he might simply be spraying inside your home to try and mark his territory. It is worth looking into as it might reduce or eliminate the problem completely. 
If your cat urinates inside the house to not get angry and punish him. If you shout at a cat it will not understand you and often urinate as a result of anxiety and nerves. You will find that the problem escalates and there will be more urination than ever so remember to never shout at your cat. 
Cats often try to mark their territory of they feel threatened by other animals. If you have blinds put up or even curtains then your cat will not see any other cats outside; this could make your cat feel more secure in the home and stop the cat urinating. If you do not want to put up curtains then try moving any furniture away from windows so your cat cannot sit on it and watch other cats around his house. 
Cats are hygienic animals so it is important to keep their litter tray clean. Cats will not urinate in a dirty litter box so make sure you replace cat litter regularly. If you have more than one cat they must each have a litter tray of their own. 
Cats can often associate objects with trauma, for example if your cat has been attacked by another pet by the litter tray then you should clean it out and move it to a different location. 
If your cat does urinate on the carpet then you must makes sure that you clean it off immediately. Leaving the smell of cat urine on a carpet is the kiss of death because they will return to that spot and do it again. 
If you have an elderly cat which has recently started to spray then you need to take him to a vet. You should ask for an analysis of your cat’s urine to rule out any underlying medical issues. 
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