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Top 10: Tropical Sweet Water Fish Species


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Friday, 26 de September 2008

Top 10: Tropical Sweet Water Fish Species

The fish species you can select for your aquarium need to be suited for the type of environment you choose to have.


Tropical Sweet Water

For a beginner, sweet water tanks aren’t a choice. They are really the most easy aquarium types to maintain. And, unlike what is generally though, tropical water tanks are easier then cold water ones. Although they require more equipment, the environment created is more stable than in the fish water aquariums.

The Tropical aquariums need to be heated around 25ºC, but the temperate varies some degrees according with the species that live in the aquarium. The suited species for tropical aquariums are usually colorful, resistant and smaller than their marine relatives. Due to their beauty, small need for space and easy maintenance, the tropical sweet water aquariums are the most popular system amongst the hobbyist. Tropical sweet water fish species are very common on the market and the offer is diversified.


Top 10 fish species for tropical sweet water aquariums

  • Siamese Fighting Fish (Betta Splendens) – Hardy fish very territorial with extravagant tails and brigh colors, the Siamese Fighting Fish is a good beginner fish.
  • Platys – This viviparous fish breeds easily in captivity. Due to its sociability and color, it’s very popular in communitarian tanks. 
  • Swordtails – Known for their famous tail with the shape of a sword, these fishes are easy to maintain. Omnivorous, they can reach up to 10 cm.
  • Guppies – One of the most requested specie by hobbyists. Small and very active, they bring any aquarium to life. The key is their luxurious tail.
  • Discus – With 25 cm and bright colors, Discus catch your eye on a tropical sweet water aquarium. Calm, but a little more difficult to keep.
  • Tetras – With silvery colors and transparent areas, the tetras are good for communitarian tanks. 
  • Mollies – The dorsal fin resembling a sail is one of the most characteristics traits of this specie. The male has 10 to 15 cm, but the female may reach 18 cm.
  • Corydoras – Also used to clean the bottom of the aquarium, Corydoras are gregarious and quite active fishes. Their mouth facing down and long mustaches are distinctive traits.
  • Botia Loaches – Shy and nocturnal, it’s not easy to find them in the aquarium, but it’s always a joy to see them when it’s feeding time.
  • Angel Fish – Less bright, but with long fins, the Angel Fish is a en excellent breeder.
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useful information but a lot of mistakes in the introduction.
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