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Reasons for Having and Not Having a Dog


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Monday, 16 de March 2009

Reasons for Having and Not Having a Dog

9 Reasons for not having a dog at home

When people choose not to have any dogs, they usually claim one (or more) of these causes:

Costs – Having to support feeding, veterinarian and dog equipment costs means that you might have to give up on other things that you could invest your money on. You might have to renounce to trips and new or sophisticated domestic devices, among other things. Some people can’t even invest on a dog only.

Disease/Death – Many people choose not to have a dog because they know that their dog will most probably die first, meaning that they will eventually grieve about their loss. Sometimes, there is a history of a past battle with a dog’s disease, which ultimately won over the dog and made it very hard for the person to emotionally invest on another dog.

Worrying about the dog’s fate – Solitary people often feel apprehensive about having dogs because they fear they will die before and won’t have anybody to take care of their pet.

Limited access – Dogs cannot be taken to many of the places where we, humans, usually go, such as shopping malls, many hotels, guarded beaches in bathing season, and so on. Owners can either avoid these places or let their dogs alone for a while or have somebody who can take care of their pets during vacations.

Daily routines – Having a dog means having to walk it, grab its poops off the ground, feed it at scheduled hours, and so on. There is plenty of people who don’t like to have daily obligations.

Initial investment – When you get a new puppy, you need to make a special financial effort at the beginning, as well as invest on its training and education. That is a commitment that not everybody wants to live up to.

Fear – Everybody knows that there are a lot of people that is scared of dogs. Fear must be overcome by reaching up to professional help and counselling. Having a new dog might help but only for as long as it is still a puppy – once the dog growls for the first time, the fearful owner won’t be able of standing up.

Responsibility – There are people that don’t feel capable of raising and taking care of another being.

Time – One of dogs’ main demands is to be with their owners for a great part of the time. Having a dog is definitely not the best option for those who spent the day out working and have to leave their dog all by itself.

9 Reasons for do having a dog

Companionship – Dogs are everlasting buddies and wish to always be there by their owner’s side.

Touch – Humans often feel the need of expressing their feelings through touching and also to feel they are loved back. Caressing the dog is comforting for its owner.

Activity – Dogs have certain demands there are actually healthy for humans: daily walks are an extremely good way of exercising.

Acceptance – Dogs are loyal animals that devotedly give themselves to their owners, accepting them for who they really are, flaws and all.

Safety – Intruders often feel intimidated by the presence of a dog, which makes the dog’s owner feel safer whether at home or in the streets.

Sharing – Given the fact that dogs are great lifetime buddies and accept their owner just the way he/she is, owners will feel at ease to share their lives with their dogs. Many people talk to their dogs, telling them how was their day, dishing the problems from work or revealing teenage secrets.

Connecting with other people – Dogs’ companionship may be not enough to end with their owner’s isolation, but they sure are a good conversation starter when you meet a neighbour or even a stranger.

Connecting with nature – In the cities and urban areas, there is not much of a connection with nature. Therefore, having a pet makes you feel somewhat more connected with it, especially because you might often choose green areas that are less urbanized to walk your dog.

Life philosophy – You cannot really tell that a dog has got its own viewpoint over life, but you do know that they live accordingly to the needs of the moment, therefore overcoming their obstacles more easily than us humans.
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