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Teaching a Dog how to Run Alongside Your Bike

Train Your Dog to Run With Your Bike


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Monday, 22 de February 2010
Author: Vivapets

Teaching a Dog how to Run Alongside Your Bike

Teaching your dog to run with your bike is effective for dogs with plenty of energy. With your dog running alongside you on your bike, not only will you be getting active, but you will also be giving your dog exercise, too. So to keep your dog in good health in this way, read on.

Lead Etiquette

Firstly, you must be sure that your dog can behave properly on his leash. If he can't walk next to you whilst on a leash, then you must train him to do so first. Your dog must not pull away or run in all directions whilst on his leash.

Introducing Your Bike

When you are satisfied that your dog can run beside you in a good manner, you should introduce the bicycle to him. Start by rolling it slowly towards him, so he can suss it out. He should be comfortable with it. If your dog misbehaves towards your bike stop him straight away.


In a small space outside leash the dog and stand beside your bicycle. With the dog and the bike on either side of you, walk at a slow pace. Keep walking back and forth like this until you sense your dog is content doing this.


Then, get your leg over the bike and start to walk a bit, whilst keeping the bike in between the legs. When you think it will be alright, sit down on the seat and peddle gently. Be sure to keep the same pace that your dog is used to.
Once you are in a public area select paths or streets that are quiet. If your dog gets distracted by other people, animals or cars then this task will not be quite as simple as it could be.


Remember to encourage your dog and stay positive. Praise him when he behaves well. You may also implement a command to stop your dog, such as "ho!", and pull on the leash while you slow yourself down.

When you have practised this sufficiently you will be ready to get your dog to run with your bike. Now you will have a new way to maintain dog health as well as yours.


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